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Watershed Sites

Site A-99 on the Dale and Susan Martin and Site C-58 on Tony Raaf properties have been let for pipe replacement bids on March 24, 2022. Plans and specifications  for the two sites and under imprint on this web site.  Contract was let to Ohlsen Construction for both sites.

Two additional structures are being pursued for pipe replacement in the next few years:
Site B-66 in Atchison County, Bodenhausen property

Site A-17 in Nemaha County, Bloom property

The Delaware Watershed Joint District has been awarded funding by the NRCS for Request for Proposals to reaffirm feasibility of the Elk Creek Work Plan for PL-566 projects and the Grasshopper-Coal Creeks Work Plan for PL-566 projects. EA Engineering has completed reaffirming feasibility for the Elk Creek PL-566 sites. Wood Environment and Infrastructure Solutions, Inc. has also completed work on the Grasshopper-Coal Creeks reaffirming feasibility study.
The Delaware Watershed has requested funding from NRCS for the 2019 Consolidated Appropriations Act Proposal for Elk Creek Sub Watershed. That grant has been funded but nothing has been heard about proceeding.The Delaware Watershed has also requested funding from NRCS for the 2020 Consolidated Appropriations Act Proposal for Grasshopper-Coal Creeks Sub Watershed which has also been approved..